Volunteer Schedule

Following is the volunteer schedule for this year’s event. Please feel free to show up at the Maple Valley Stake Center to volunteer for any of these days and/or tasks — even if you didn’t specifically sign up.

Saturday, Nov. 29th (Move things in. Outside decorations)

7-9am : Rock Creek Ward retrieves Nativity materials from storage
9-Noon : Sorting through boxes and getting things organized for the week
Noon – whenever done :
– Lake Wilderness Ward: Put up outside lights (fence, trees at both entrances, front entrance lighting, etc. ). Put up banners and spotlights.
– 1pm until finished : Installing ceiling lights, stars on wires, people bring trees, tables from other buildings come, etc.

Monday, Dec. 1st (Build the “foundation”)

Start at 9am
– Set up trees including stringing lights on trees
– Set up tables, platforms/risers (YSA Wards and Missionaries)
– Distribute boxes to areas
– Align ceiling lights
7pm : YSA Wards come and help with all the many varied things to do.

Tuesday, Dec. 2nd (Things start looking nice)

Start at 9am:
– Final arrangement of trees
– Final arrangement of tables for the nativity
– Finalize track lighting positions
– Set up Jerusalem skyline on stage
– Run extension cords to inner tables, tape them down
– Put table cloths on; add boxes to tables, more table cloths on.

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd (Decorating and Polishing)

Start at 9am
– Set up live nativity
– Decorate tables, put white lights on tables
– Decorate chapel?? May be on Thursday
– Decorate foyer?? May be on Thursday
– Start setup of ArtWalk

Thursday, Dec. 4th (Nativities/Artwork arrive – Final Preparations)

9-11am Final Touches
11am-8pm Nativity check in and set up
11am-8pm Artwalk check in and set up
Set up rooms for activities (Refreshments, Photos, Childrens Crafts, etc.). Decorate foyers, hallways, chapel are decorated.

Friday, Dec. 5th – Celebrate The Nativity

8am – Poinsettias arrive and placed
2pm – 9pm Event is open

Saturday, Dec. 6th – Celebrate The Nativity

2pm – 9pm Event is open

Sunday – Dec. 7th – Celebrate The Nativity

2pm – 9pm Event is open
Sunday 5-6pm – 1st Presidency Devotional
9pm Event closes
9pm Pick up Nativities, Artwork, and Poinsettias

Monday, Dec. 8th (Takedown and Cleanup)

6-7am – Takedown by Seminary Students
7am – Until Finished
Takedown ceiling spotlights, stars and wires, everything hanging with lift.
Takedown outdoor lights (assigned ward except trees in front of entrance)
Take stuff back to Storage and Shed.
People pick up trees.
Finish clean-up.